Swiss Short Movie on Cleantech Job Decisions

Joviana from Basel/Switzerland asked herself in which job area she would like to work…and found „Cleantech“. Learn what it is about, listen to what people from the street, the economy or a well-known Swiss musician have to say on Cleantech, check the statements from Uganda and follow Joviana’s steps through her hometown in this short movie (in german).

YES Course Participants: Climate Presents are FUN!

In June, a Swiss class sent a video message to their environment minister Doris Leuthard who got the message at the UN suststainability conference in Rio. Now, the YES course participants in Serbia answered – and created a fun video answer (with an even funnier Making Of at the end)! Weiterlesen

Climate Song „Restore/Rejesha“ with Lyrics from Kenya, Music from Switzerland

The lyrics were created in Kenya, the music was composed and recorded in Switzerland: Hot Stuff Climate Net proudly presents the climate song „Restore“ (or in Swahili „Rejesha“). It is a true international collaboration between Hot Stuff blogger Sylvia Nashipae Mosiany, who published the lyrics as a poem in February 2012, and the Swiss young adults Victoria, Miro and David from the Leonhard Gymnasium Basel.


The Future We Want: A Video Message to Rio+20


As the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development starts this week, Swiss youth are getting active as well: A Basel class created a movie directed to the Swiss delegation and the Swiss minister for the environment Doris Leuthard who recieved the message personally in Rio. The young adults urge them to convince their international partners to decide reliable climate commitments – or their climate card house with many individual actions and wishes will crash… Weiterlesen