Climate Friendly Freeriding: RIDE GREENER Shows How

Successful RIDE GREENER Day in Laax (Switzerland): Ski and snowboard pros shared their knowledge about climate friendly winter sport, avalanches and much more. Check out the video.

The RIDE GREENER Days are offering young riders the opportunity to get practical tips about climate friendly riding from ski and snowboard pros at designated ski resorts.

RIDE GREENER – a myclimate partner – is an association of avid snowboarders and skiiers who promote climate friendly snowboarding and skiing as well as environmentally conscious conduct in the mountains. They say:

„The advancing global warming and the related negative consequences for the mountains and our sport is causing us great concern. We wish to show how, using simple means, one can minimize his CO2 footprint and stop the trend towards snow-poor winters. After all we still want to be able to enjoy the snow covered peaks for a long time to come.“

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