MyRio+20 Idea: If we children can, adults can too!

By: Tenzin Tsenlek
Country: Tibet

If I’d been in Rio, I would have told the world leaders to take care of this world by presenting the world people with a video clipping done by small children showing the true face of the world in its disguised. It would tell the world people that even small children take care of this earth so why not adults? Weiterlesen

Realistic Goals: Rio+20

When world governments, leaders, and representatives of crucial stakeholders met in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992, they were thinking of the future. They were hoping that the next generation would enjoy the benefits of a sustainable world. I was born in Sub-Saharan Africa two days after that conference but today, twenty years later, there is little indication that Weiterlesen

MyRio+20 Idea: Go veggie..

By: Tenzin Dhasal
Country: Tibet

To fight carbon dioxide we should start to

a) Be a vegetarian. We are omnivorous so we can live without eating meat. Now a days the with human being overly dependent on the non-vegetarian food , the factories are breeding more and more cows , beefs and buffaloes which releases these green house gases like methane. So be a vegetarian or eat less meat to Weiterlesen

The Future We Want: A Video Message to Rio+20


As the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development starts this week, Swiss youth are getting active as well: A Basel class created a movie directed to the Swiss delegation and the Swiss minister for the environment Doris Leuthard who recieved the message personally in Rio. The young adults urge them to convince their international partners to decide reliable climate commitments – or their climate card house with many individual actions and wishes will crash… Weiterlesen

MyRio+20 Idea: Spread the knowledge!

By: Anuraj
Country: India

If I was in Rio , I would tell the world leaders that the situation is getting out of hand and the count down to our death had already started . People may not realize what is going on or what is happening but we do know. And being a student , the main role of ours is to spread the knowledge that we know to others. Let us do something very unique through which the world knows. And unity could then reverse the time square

To fight carbon dioxide , if we could develop a method to separate the Carbon dioxide molecule into carbon and oxygen . Then through carbon we can make carbon compounds and rest oxygen can be used by living beings.

MyRio+20 Idea: More ethics!

By: Tenzin Dawoe
Country: Tibet

If I was in Rio , I would present the following idea. The many advancements we have made in the technology , societies , ideologies and other human components have shaped the world that we are living in now. Back then it was a patriarchal society ; now it is a society that stands for equality. Back then it was coal and petroleum ; now it is solar panels and wind turbines . Such are the changes that have led to the world that we are living in now. Such are the changes that have led us to hold conferences like this to develop ideas to change the world for better.  My idea is to use this year’s conference to Weiterlesen

MyRio+20 Idea: If not now, then when?

By: Tenzin Kunsang Nyemo
Country: Tibet

Isn’t this earth our mother? Just think for a while if………., if this earth disappears then what will happen to all mankind? I know that its time for us , for the future leaders to do something before it is too late to even shed our tears. The mother earth will leave us forever with nothing, not a single thing to be proud of . Weiterlesen