Swiss Short Movie on Cleantech Job Decisions

Joviana from Basel/Switzerland asked herself in which job area she would like to work…and found „Cleantech“. Learn what it is about, listen to what people from the street, the economy or a well-known Swiss musician have to say on Cleantech, check the statements from Uganda and follow Joviana’s steps through her hometown in this short movie (in german).

Uganda: New Climate Game

By Hot Stuff Climate Net

– As the Greenomics tour exitingly moves on through Uganda, a new board game has been successfully introduced to the tour’s climate education workshops. „This game has really made it easy to communicate to students like never before“, says Mugisha Moses, Hot Stuff Climate Net coordinator for Uganda and the game developer. Weiterlesen

Climate change and youth unemployment in Uganda: Hopes and fears

By Mugisha Moses, Uganda

– The Uganda National Bureau of Statistics 2011 report estimates Ugandan population to have clocked 32.9 million people in the year 2011 compared to the 24.2 million people in 2002.  In the same report, it is emphasized that the population is increasingly becoming younger with increase from 51% in 1969 to 56% in 2002. Weiterlesen