YES Course Participants: Climate Presents are FUN!

In June, a Swiss class sent a video message to their environment minister Doris Leuthard who got the message at the UN suststainability conference in Rio. Now, the YES course participants in Serbia answered – and created a fun video answer (with an even funnier Making Of at the end)! Weiterlesen

Colorful climate postcards against a grey future

By Matthias Egger, Switzerland

– It all started with the idea of climate present postcards that can be used to make a personal climate present to another person. A climate present is a promise to reduce the personal carbon footprint with a particular activity such as taking the bicycle instead of the car, or eating more seasonal and regional (vegetarian) food. Weiterlesen

Switzerland: Climate presents to the neighbourhood

By Hot Stuff Climate Net

– This week, college kids from the northern Zurich area of Oerlikon handed in a climate petition to the dean, together with well-known reggae singer Elijah. The petition seeks to reduce the share of meat in college menu plans. Especially beef has got a serious effect on climate due to the methane emissions of cows and the CO2 emissions during the industrial production and distribution of meat. Weiterlesen