Learn: A Global Challenge


There is a «natural greenhouse effect». Without it the average surface temperature of the earth would be minus 18 degrees Celsius and not pleasant 15 degrees, as it is the case today. How so? A large amount of solar radiation penetrates the atmosphere and is converted into heat waves on the surface of the earth. A part of the heat reflected back into space gets absorbed by greenhouse gases like CO2, thus heating the air. Indeed, science shows that the global temperature has been correlated with the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere for at least 650,000 years.

Now, what we have seen in the 20th century is a global temperature rise around 0.8 degrees Celsius, and scientists expect the temperature to rise another 1.6 to 6 degrees until 2100. «Natural»? No, say the scientists. They blame the so called «anthropogenic» or «man-made» greenhouse effect. What’s this? Read on…

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