Teacher’s workshop in Kampala sets new goals for climate education in Uganda

On May 22, 2014 a teachers‘ workshop was held at Makerere University campus in Kampala Uganda under the theme the teachers’ role in climate education. The workshop which was attended by teachers representing atleast five schools from around Kampala, local environmental journalists and graced by participants from Climate Action Network Uganda and Oxfam started after a morning downpour and ended with unprecedented resolutions.

The participants acknowledged the fact that climate education is almost nonexistence in schools and communities. They thanked myclimate-the Climate Protection Partnership for acknowledging the role of teachers’ and educators in information dissemination in relation to climate protection.

While emphasizing the teachers’ influence on the learning of students, Mr. Munyu Rajab of East High School Ntinda gave a short story of how his Kindergarten going child challenged him on the pronunciation of a pencil. The kid insisted that the kindergarten teacher’s pronunciation that sounded “pen cil” was the right one other than the kid’s father’s that sounded “pen sal”.He emphasized that students tend to wholly believe what their teachers tell them which could greatly improve climate change and green jobs knowledge among the students.

Realizing the multidisciplinary nature of climate education, it was agreed that the teachers spearhead school based teachers climate education integrated into various school clubs. It was also proposed that a teachers forum be integrated into Hotstuffclimatenet to enable them share knowledge and materials on climate education and green jobs amongst themselves locally and internationally.