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Some ideas to make transport climate friendly | HSCN Contest – Team 41

VErkehr W

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School: Wirtschaftsgymnasium Basel
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Project Description:

Starting with a reflection about needs and what we need for a good live, everybody calculated his/her ecological footprint at home. Comparing the results in the class and worldwide, there was a discussion about which development we wish and climate change as global challenge.

Questions were asked in a skype call to Mugisha Moses, the climate education expert from Uganda: What does he do for the climate, what is his motivation and how does he experience climate change.

To get concrete and find local solutions, this team from Gymnasium of Economics then made this poster with tipps for their school – it contains simple steps to make our transport more climate friendly:

  • Use public transport
  • Make sure transport means are used to capacity – for example rather share cars than everybody driving one alone
  • If you use a car then choose one with eco-friendly technology – for a example a hybrid
  • Reduce flights for short distance
  • Use less big cars (like off roaders)

VErkehr W