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Climate tipps for meat lovers | HSCN Contest – Team 40

Fleisch W

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School: Wirtschaftsgymnasium Basel
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Project Description:

This team from Gymnasium of Economics learned about climate as global challenge, met Mugisha Moses, the climate education expert from Uganda, on skype and learned, what he does to protect the climate, what is his motivation and how he experiences climate change.

They wrote down what they need for a good life and discussed, if they need to buy it or not. Afterwards they analysed with the ecological footprint, how much ressources they use – and compared their result in the class and with results from other countries. They discussed which development they wish and reasons for different footprints.

As last part, they looked for local solutions and how they can live well and climate friendly at the same time – here their tipps for people who can’t resist to eat meat, but still want to protect the climate:

  • Buy regional products (less transport)
  • Cook vegetarian menues
  • Eat less meat – and if you can’t resist, choose organic meat.
  • Don’t eat only the best parts of the meat.

 Fleisch W