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How your mobile phone produces less CO2 | HSCN Contest – Team 39

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School: Wirtschaftsgymnasium Basel
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Project Description:

This team from the Gymnasium of Economics reflected in a workshop about climate change as global challenge and reflected about their own needs. The main question was, if we can live well and climate friendly at the same time – and how this is possible.

For this we came from the global to the local, had a skype call with Mugisha Moses, the climate education expert from Uganda, analysed how much ressources we need ourselfes with our lifestyle (the ecological footprint) and looked for local solutions.

To get concrete, they made some research and collected for their colleagues in the school the following tipps for mobile phones and electronic devices:

  • Use your mobile phone as long as possible and repair it.
  • Bring a mobile phone which doesn’t work anymore or which you don’t need to the recycling place.
  • If you buy a mobile phone, choose one which respects social and ecological criterias, like the Fairphone.

Mobiles W