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Climate friendly fruits and vegetables | HSCN Contest – Team 03


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School: Gymnasium Bäumlihof
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Project Description:

This team from Gymnasium Bäumlihof made a research how the production and consumption of vegetables and fruits are related with the climate.

They made a poster with a quiz for their school (for example: how much CO2 emissions can be avoided, if you chose tomatoes which were growing outside instead of in a heated greenhouse?; how much food waste is produced per year?) and collected tipps how you can protect the climate with your choice of vegetables and fruits as consumer.

Some tipps:

  • Buy local and seasonal fruits and vegatbles from organic production – the transport causes a lot of emissions
  • Adapt receipts and be creative – dried fruits, marmelade or other fruits can be an interesting alternative if it’s not the season for the usual fruit
  • Just buy as much as you need to avoid food waste

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