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How to enjoy clothes and protect the climate | HSCN Contest – Team 08


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School: Gymnasium Bäumlihof
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Project Description:

The team from Gymnasium Bäumlihof, Switzerland discovered, how clothes and climate are related and they looked for solutions:

This poster invites pupils from the whole school to make a quiz, find out how far a pair of jeans has travelled (on a world map) and what is embodied energy (all the energy used for production, transport, storage, promotion, while using and for recycling), gives advices and shows solutions, how you can enjoy fashion, but protect the climate:

  • Organize a swap / clothes exchange with friends, go to second hand stores and markets
  • Using clothes longer (choose well), change old clothes and give them a new look with details or prints, buy less clothes
  • Buying clothes which are ecologically produced and labelled as fair trade

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