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Actions of the healthy lifestyle, the traffic and the recycling team | HSCN Contest – Team 37


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School: Vilcsek School, Kismaros
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Project Description:

The teams of Vilcsek Gyula Elementary School have made three projects as an
application. The highlights of the projects were realised during the Climate Day
on 25th, April, 2014.


Our school is a typical village school where both students and teachers try to live in accord with Nature. Most of our students live in detached houses so they are close to surrounding Nature. The knowledge that they acquire during Nature Lessons is useful when they practice it during the Housekeeping Lessons. School gardens, fruit trees and flowers are looked after by our students under the supervision of the teachers. They also keep clean the environment of our school. Students usually make and eat delicious meals out of the organically grown fruits and vegetables.

On the Climate Day our ’Healthy Lifestyle Team’ has planted lots of beautiful flowers, plants and organic vegetables. In this way they contributed to the reduction of carbon-dioxide, securing the slowing down of the climate change.

plants3 plants4        plants1











Kismaros is a small village so both students and teachers have the possibility to go to school by their bikes. In this way they not only protect their environment but also their health. Our school provides a separate place for the bicycle stands. Thanks to this application we were able to buy another bicycle stand which is in constant use since it was put up on the Climate Day. During Handycraft Lessons students can learn the maintenance of their bikes and the safety rules of cycling.

On the Climate Day our students arrived at school by bike, especially the members of our ’Traffic Team’. In this way they have contributed to the reduction of polluting materials.








Vilcsek Gyula Elementary School emphasises selective waste collection and recycling. We reuse household waste (paper, plastic, etc.) during the Art- and Handycraft Lessons. Students always make beautiful and creative pieces of art out of plastic bottles and recycled papers.

On the Climate Day our ’Recycling Team’collected the whole amount of accumulated paper and piled it in a large container which was transported for recycling.
During the school year creative animal figures and wonderful flowers were made of empty plastic bottles, corks, and egg boxes. In this way we have been trying to protect our environment and have been contributing to slow down climate changes.

recycling1recycling 2