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Hot Stuff Climate Net Again – Vocational training | HSCN Contest – Team 17


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School: Dunaújvárosi Lorántffy Zsuzsanna secondary and technical school
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Project Description:

The Hot Stuff Climate Net, which is an international programme from Switzerland, continued with a climate protection day in the vocational training centre on 14 April.
There were interesting tasks for the six teams taking part:

  • During the day, all the teams including the Sun Collector, the Smog, the Dirt, the Hurricane, the Dirty Water and the Clean Water had fifteen minutes to introduce themselves:








  • The teams entertained the others, the teachers and the audience with exciting lectures, pools, puzzles, articles for personal use and posters. Every topic was connected with the change in climate.
  • After that, the teams had to hunt for points for various tasks such as environmental experiments, writing poetry about solar tools, selective rubbish collection and making a case for different herbs.








  • The final part of the project is a chance for a group of students to go on a free holiday with Swiss students in the summer of 2014. We hope, the dream will come true…






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