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Bike with us project – bike escort, hurdle race and climate day activities | HSCN Contest – Team 21

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School: Búzaszem School, Göd
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Project Description:

For the international Hot Stuff Climate Net contest the Búzaszem School in Göd, Hungary realized the following activities:

Cycle with us project:

Using bikes instead of cars would greatly improve the air in our town. On the one hand exercise is just healthy and on the other hand by this way they contribute to the protection of their environment.

To undertake our project we had to take a lot of aspects into consideration for organizing it:

  • Firstly, we had to make our project widely known: We prepared flyers for the target groups (for students in year 1-5) who were to be persuaded to use bikes instead of cars.
  • We thought parents would let their kids go cycling more easily if escorted by adults.
  • The next step was summing up of those kids admitted, together with their escorts.
  • Then we planned the route and the assembly points.
  • Finally, we held a Climate Day when several events, lectures, quizzes a puppet show and games took place.

By all these, we wanted to draw our schoolmates’ attention to the harmful effects of air pollution. The kids were enthusiastically doing the hurdle-race. They are glad to be involved in our fight for making the air cleaner.

From this time on we come to school by bike every morning, then after school we cycle home together. We hope the kids will get used to cycling in the future. We thank our teachers and classmates for their help and contribution to accomplish our project.

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