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Activities for the whole school during Climate Day | HSCN Contest – Team 29

CLIMATE DAY 2014 Karolina - YouTube - Mozilla Firefox_2014-05-19_19-21-23

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Project Description:

The team from the Karolina School in Vác, Hungary organized a climate day at their school as solution for the international Hot stuff Climate Net contest.

This video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A86tI9hkD3M shows the different activities they realized during this day: Elder pupils visited classes, they made games, bike contests, speaches and learned more about climate change and our possibilities to live climate friendly.

They wrote as well this short story:

Climate day

Hello, Kids, today we are going to speak about a very important topic: how to save the Earth.  In connection with it we wrote a short story for you.

Élenyke, in English Lively is a small oxigen molecule. Some days ago she had played happily with her friends in the sky, surrounded by lovely clouds. But yesterday there was a big storm brewing that sent her to the Earth.

Unfortunately, the streets were full of rubbish, cars, and factories were effusing smoke and dirt.

Having seen them, she became very sad. The Sun was hidden by a thick, foggy layer of dust and smoke. From the grey clouds a carbon- dioxide molecule appeared. He was Smokey. He noticed Lively’s sadness immediately, so he asked her:

-Why are you so sad?

-You see, the last time we were here, there were green trees everywhere, the sky was clear blue. But now I can’t see any forests, I can hardly find any plants.

– To tell you the truth, I feel bad, too. But I have heard that there were helpful children who could change the situation, manage the environmental problems.

– Really? Well, we should ask them for help.

– It’s a good idea. Let’s go, then.