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Solutions for climate friendly transport | HSCN Contest – Team 30 (Overlay)

Overlays 4 - Kopie

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School: Gymnasium Oberwil
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Project Description:

This team from the Gymnasium Oberwil in Switzerland developped the following solution for the international Hot Stuff Climate Net contest:

They found out how transport and our mobility is related with the climate and looked for solutions. Their overlay shows what could happen, if nature could speak: Who would feel well driving a car, if every tree would call him/her a stinker and the sun would get angry? 🙂

Even though nature isn’t always this direct in communication, possible solutions for a happy nature and people around us are: Use public transports like train or bus if possible or share a car instead of driving alone; take the bike or walk for short distances; discover your neighbourhood, region or country instead of travelling far; plan well and combine activities to reduce distances for which you use a car, airplane or other vehicles producing emissions; use best available technics which protect the environment and drive an economic way… There are many more solutions.

Overlays 4 - Kopie