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My local climate-superhero

Climate heros ex Swiss Tanzania India

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For an exhibition at the Swissôtel in Oerlikon Zurich Students from Switzerland and all over the world showed interviews of their local climate-superheroes. We would like to present you some of them here:

A climate hero from Tanzania

Up to 500‘000 Hectares of forest have been cut per year in Tanzania to use them as fuels. With energy efficient cookers we can save trees.

My name is Matatizo Mohamed. I live in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  Since my childhood, I draw things I see on sheet of papers. I looked for climate hero here and found it quickly: My climate hero is local manufacturers who make energy efficient cookers.  The cooker uses heat very efficiently, so you need less time and fuels to cook. In addition, it gives less smoke and is better for eyes and lungs.

Climate heros ex Swiss Tanzania India


A climate hero from India

A hero does not have to be a famous person. There are many heroes in our surroundings. You just need to see around.

My name is Akanksha. I am from Hyderabad, India. I looked for Climate hero and found one: My hero is Mr. Vidya Bhushan. Mr. Vidya Bhushan is already retired. He used to be the general director of the „Reserve Bank of India“, the Centralbank  of India. Today he spends time for social issues.

For example,  he is leeding „Child- and youth festival from Hyderabad“ and presented for all the effect of climate change and the role of the human beings. This is not all: He installed energy efficient lamps, has a rainwater container, and organized tree planting actions.

Climate heros ex Swiss Tanzania India

A climate hero from Switzerland

Sheep instead of lawn mowers, solar cells on the roof and rainwater flushing.

Manuela and Jaqueline (Kantonsschule Oerlikon) are impressed by the climate actions of manual work teacher Mrs. Lächler. Energy-saving bulbs, eco-electricity and rain water collected in the previous „Güleloch“ are of course Mrs. Lächler. You cook even on the solar cooker, the stew to the tea water all manage: only noodles it becomes difficult. The solar panels on the roof provide hot water, once it is slightly warmer, she can completely turn off the heating and only on rainy days she must do just this, to heat up the water. Mrs. Lächler recycles batteries, bottles etc. it has a compost bin and repaired their stuff, as long as possible.

The use of Mrs. Lächler has paid off. The pollutant emissions of gas cars is lower than for gasoline-powered vehicles by a quarter. So, it’s a success that thanks to the initiative of Mrs. Lächler’s school bus goes well with gas. „A climate sin“, Mrs. Lächler specifies: „that i like meat – at least by the own sheep, which are also my lawn mower.“


Sven and Alex devote their climate hero Dave this poem:

Engines blow out CO2 so fast, Into the blue Sky so vast

Pollution kills the air, the land, the sea, Should this really be earth’s destiny

Tree and bird and fish and beast we kill, Our sons will soon have to pay the bill

But there is a man that fights this all, David Schubiger is he called

Instead of the car he takes the bike, To get to the place where he works

So if we would be all just like Dave, Mankind an the earth will be saved.