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Uganda: Introducing „Greenomics“

School: Uganda
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Project Description:

We kick started the year 2012 with the development of a board game we named Greenomics.

Greenomics is a board game adapted from the ordinary Ludo. It is an image based game played by 2 or 4 people. A player  scores or earns points as he or she tosses a dice and gets to move steps accordingly while keeping track of the images and information laden across different quadrants of the board.  Our aim with Greenomics was for it to be a fun way of sensitizing teenagers about man’s good and bad practices towards his environment.

This was to be a part of the bigger project we called My climate Schools’ project, a climate change sensitisation project that ran in a total of ten schools in and around Kampala.

2012_annual-report_uganda-mugisha [Kompatibilitätsmodus] - Microsoft Word_2013-10-11_12-20-472012_annual-report_uganda-mugisha [Kompatibilitätsmodus] - Microsoft Word_2013-10-11_12-21-08“It is such a great game that sensitizes us about man’s good and bad practices towards his environment. It is interesting that you learn as you enjoy and have fun with the game”

Nankinga Robinah, a student of Mbogo High School.

2012_annual-report_uganda-mugisha [Kompatibilitätsmodus] - Microsoft Word_2013-10-11_12-21-22“ I kindly request that you guys also bring Greenomics game to my country Rwanda. It is a very interesting game yet very educative. The people there will love it and besides, it is very educative”

Uwimana Emily from East High School.