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Uganda: annual report 2012 by Mugisha


School: Uganda
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Project Description:

„For close to five years, i have been teaching young people about climate change in Uganda. With support from Myclimate-The Climate Protection Partnership, various projects have been realized since 2010 and I have been awarded with Uganda’s prestigious youth award- The Young Achievers Awards-Environment (2011). I share some of the achieved projects below.“

Mugisha Moses

Local Myclimate Expert / Kampala, Uganda.

In all the schools we went, our aim was to show to the teenage students various aspects regarding climate change, how the teenagers were affected by it, adaptation, mitigation among others. This was called green talk.

Another big element of green talk involved the correlation between climate change and the widespread youth unemployment. The youth unemployment levels in the country are alarming, standing at over 75% and still rising. We saw the need to come in with an intervention advocated for by the United Nations. This was the concept of green jobs.

The teenagers were then taken through the various green jobs opportunities that they could undertake to earn a living in as limited space while at the same time conserving the environment. Some of these included tree seedling gardens, urban agriculture, recycling, briquettes making among others. We used a documentary we had made earlier together with some select first year students of Makerere University called Green Jobs in Uganda. This formed a very great way of engaging the students besides just the green talk.

The final part of all these sessions was a brief interview of the students on what they felt about Greenomics, the green jobs and messages to stake holders concerning the environment.

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