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„World Mother Earth Day“ 2012 in India

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School: Dharamsala
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On this very important day the My Climate Environmental Club group comprising of about forty students went to nearby town Mcleod Ganj , the residential place of His Holiness The Dalai Lama and now a day’s tourists hub. The place with time is getting polluted especially with the improper disposal of the waste material which now leaves much of it in shambles.

The group carried out a mass rally in collaboration with Tibetan Welfare Office staff and volunteers at around 10am in the morning. It was flagged off after planting tree by the in-charge teacher of the club along with a student member. The team voiced slogans:

“Stop burning waste. We don’t want to breathe toxic air”,

“Keep nature clean -It is your home too”,

“Stop littering, we want our nature clean.”

The march became the centre of attraction for a while and people started pouring in to raise their voice and to show solidarity. And in doing so the noble work of working for our mother earth gained momentum. After a complete round of the place, the team gathered at the main square to get dispersed into sub – groups and stepped in the shops and restaurants to counsel the owners about proper disposal of waste especially the plastic bottles.

In the afternoon the climate group reached school and segregated the waste of the school in one day mainly into paper, plastic, metal scraps, wood , sand and food waste all of which was then weighed.

OBSERVING WORLD MOTHER EARTH DAY (Geschützte Ansicht) - Microsoft Word_2013-10-11_11-43-22Students and volunteer tourist in the rally.

OBSERVING WORLD MOTHER EARTH DAY (Geschützte Ansicht) - Microsoft Word_2013-10-11_11-43-41Segregation of school Waste. OBSERVING WORLD MOTHER EARTH DAY (Geschützte Ansicht) - Microsoft Word_2013-10-11_11-43-57Another program of the was the massive cleaning up program of the two mountain slopes near dal lake area. The students with their heart and soul dedicated themselves in clean up program. The result was a pleasant site and every one felt the importance of preserving mother nature .

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