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Reggae for Kenya and Switzerland


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School: Kantonsschule Reussbühl, Luzern
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Project Description:

850 Students in Lucerne decided to realise a project to reduce their emissions! We celebrated this together with Elijah, Lisa and Sylvia Nashipae from Kenya.

Hello, I am Sylvia Nashipae and I am committed towards creating a sustainable future. I am currently in Zurich and since last Tuesday I have visited a number of places in Switzerland. Most notably I have been to 2 schools in Thun and Luzern.The young people there, like me, are also interested in making a change for a better future. I have never seen so much green in trees and grass as I have here in …Switzerland. I hope to turn my country, Kenya, green as well. But my message for Switzerland: please reduce your carbon footprint….Africa feels the negative impact of the high carbon emissions from countries like you. Ciao!