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Climate Hero

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School: Akanksha, Hyderabad
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Project Description:

A hero is not generally supposed to be a famous person. There are many heroes in our society. It is just that you need to look out for them!

My idea of a climate hero:

I looked for a hero and found him in my community. My climate hero is Mr. Vidya Bhushan.

Mr . Vidya Bhushan is a retired assistant general manager of the Reserve Bank of India and now spends most of his time doing social work.

He has solar lamps installed in the house. He also has a vermi-compost pit. He has a rain harvesting pit. He is actively involved in planting of trees in villages. He believes that everyone can do their bit for the environment in the following ways:
  • Save water by regulating it’s use while brushing, washing clothes, dishes etc.
  • Switch of the lights whenever not needed.
  • Walk down short distances.
  • Plant trees in your locality.

My climate hero is Mr. Vidya Bhushan!

He conducted THE ENWARE FEST FOR THE CHILDREN of Hyderabad and Secunderabad and made the children aware of the problems faced by the environment due to human actions.