Switzerland: Climate presents to the neighbourhood

By Hot Stuff Climate Net

– This week, college kids from the northern Zurich area of Oerlikon handed in a climate petition to the dean, together with well-known reggae singer Elijah. The petition seeks to reduce the share of meat in college menu plans. Especially beef has got a serious effect on climate due to the methane emissions of cows and the CO2 emissions during the industrial production and distribution of meat.

During the next weeks, Elijah is shown in a public campaign together with other Swiss celebrities. Mentioning their climate friendly acts in areas as mobility, housing or buying decisions, they do not only give an example but also a „climate present“ to the neighbourhood – as it is put by the name of the campaign. „What is your climate present?“, certainly an important question a few weeks before Christmas.

Check out the Facebook page of the neighbourhood initiative KlimaLokal ZürichNord.