Colorful climate postcards against a grey future

By Matthias Egger, Switzerland

– It all started with the idea of climate present postcards that can be used to make a personal climate present to another person. A climate present is a promise to reduce the personal carbon footprint with a particular activity such as taking the bicycle instead of the car, or eating more seasonal and regional (vegetarian) food. Classes all over the world designed these colorful climate present postcards and until now, more than 1’000 climate presents have been collected by young adults (see also the Hot Stuff Climate Net project a world record?!? for more information).

One class that participated in creating such climate postcards is the Swiss High School class from the Gymnasium Bäumlihof in Basel. Now, the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche wanted to thank these young adults for their effort and made them a climate present of 1’000 tons of saved CO2 emissions which were achieved by reducing the company’s business trips. In the picture above, Nathalie Siedler as a representative of the Swiss High School class (left), and Ingela Nelson Schmid as a representative of Roche are shown during the handover of Roche’s climate present to the High School „Gymnasium Bäumlihof“.

To celebrate this event duly, the Swiss Raggea Singer Elijah also joined the handover at the Gymnasium Bäumlihof and made his own musical present to all attendants.

Ein Gedanke zu “Colorful climate postcards against a grey future

  1. What wonderful work you’ve done! We are very impressed by this new and very imaginative idea. We think postcards are a good way to make people attentive about the problematic situation of our environment. With these postcards we’re sending such strong messages which affect all of us.

    You’re creating the beginning of a new future. Thank you for this!