Students plant trees for the climate in Kenya

Garden Kenia 2

Egerton university students as well as Kabarak university students are visiting trees they planted. Replanting trees is crucial in the Aberdares area: It’s located in Nyandarua County, Kenya. In the 160km long mountain range humans have contributed to the destruction of the forest.

Beside beeing important CO2 sinks, the replanted trees help against erosion and prevent the lost of soil, store water in the soil, produce oxigen O2, improve the micro-climate by cooling the air, offering shadow and protecting against the wind, and are home to birds, insects and other animals.

For more information, please contact Merculine Maoncha Rabera: You find her contact here.

Garden Kenia 2015

Silent Movie by Students: Captain Climate Needs You!

Captain Climate needs you! Watch how the incredible Captain Climate is gathering support to save the climate. Fight CO2, Charlie-Chaplin-Style.

The video was realized for Hot Stuff Climate Net at the Youth Encounter on Sustainability (YES) in Elsamere, Naivasha (Kenya) in November 2012 by an international student group. Thank you, Luís Miguel, Jenny, Maike, Federico, Micheline, Faith, Johanes, Lina, Andreas!

What do you do to support Captain Climate?

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Vision of Juma Bakari

For almost half of the world’s population, cooking outdoors on an open fire is not a choice but a necessity due the expense, unavailability or difficulty of securing natural gas or electricity.

Project realized by: Juma Bakari
Where: Morogoro, Tanzania
When: 18th June 2011

The majority of the population depends on woodfuels for cooking and other domestic uses, but the rate of consumption far exceeds how quickly it can be replenished. Many women are dependent on natural resources for their livelihood because they have a responsibility to secure fresh drinking water, food from gardens and firewood for cooking.

Climate change impacts may increase women’s workload or make their jobs harder to achieve. My favorite picture is the one that shows a woman carrying Firewood on her back showing how climate change burdens Women.

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