New York climate summit; setting the right step in the right direction.

As the saying goes “where there is a will there is a way”, this week’s UN climate summit in New York reinstated hopes that we could have a concerted global agenda to fight against climate change.

Besides the pledge by president Obama and China (the two biggest emitters of GHGs) to take fast action against climate change, the Rockefeller Brothers fund built on the profits of the Standard Oil Company announced they are selling out from the fossil fuel industry.

The announcement by the fund caught my attention the most. John D Rockefeller founded the Standard Oil Company and therefore the fund’s move to invest in clean energy is a great boost in the fight a against climate change.

With these new developments, we could be seeing the birth of the much needed political and business will whose absence has for long been responsible for the inaction in the fight against global warming.

For the rest of us in the developing world however, a lot remains to be done for the consequences of the changing climate are undoing years’ worth of development efforts besides threatening entire livelihood of communities.

Making use of the Internet in climate education

DSC02486June has been a busy month for the Hot stuff climate net with young people on two different continents sharing the knowledge and experiences on climate change and sustainability.

Firstly, the Hotstuff day on 11th June saw classes in Switzerland, Uganda, Kenya and Hungary all at once meet online to witness the ceremony to mark the end of an international climate friendly consumption contest where more than forty entries were registered. Secondly, the ecological project week in Basel was graced by the online appearances (via skype and facebook) of two different Ugandan classes.

Not so long ago, for groups of students to meet at once they had to travel from one place to another since the telephones could not be able to achieve the kind of direct touch the internet via chats and video calls provides today.

The internet does not only save time and logistical needs but also avoids the general carbon foot print of the participants. Well, with this achievement Hot stuff climate net will be able in future to have more countries on different continents meet and share experiences and knowledge on climate change and sustainability since it affects us all.

Teacher’s workshop in Kampala sets new goals for climate education in Uganda

On May 22, 2014 a teachers‘ workshop was held at Makerere University campus in Kampala Uganda under the theme the teachers’ role in climate education. The workshop which was attended by teachers representing atleast five schools from around Kampala, local environmental journalists and graced by participants from Climate Action Network Uganda and Oxfam started after a morning downpour and ended with unprecedented resolutions.

The participants acknowledged the fact that climate education is almost nonexistence in schools and communities. They thanked myclimate-the Climate Protection Partnership for acknowledging the role of teachers’ and educators in information dissemination in relation to climate protection.

While emphasizing the teachers’ influence on the learning of students, Mr. Munyu Rajab of East High School Ntinda gave a short story of how his Kindergarten going child challenged him on the pronunciation of a pencil. The kid insisted that the kindergarten teacher’s pronunciation that sounded “pen cil” was the right one other than the kid’s father’s that sounded “pen sal”.He emphasized that students tend to wholly believe what their teachers tell them which could greatly improve climate change and green jobs knowledge among the students.

Realizing the multidisciplinary nature of climate education, it was agreed that the teachers spearhead school based teachers climate education integrated into various school clubs. It was also proposed that a teachers forum be integrated into Hotstuffclimatenet to enable them share knowledge and materials on climate education and green jobs amongst themselves locally and internationally.

The East African Green Entrepreneurship fellowship orientation kicks off

Mugisha Moses, Kampala Uganda

The East African Green Entrepreneurship fellowship (EAGEF) orientation started last week with visits to East High School and St Peters SS Nsambya. The fellows who are part of the bigger Entrepreneurship classes in their respective schools were elected by their fellow students to represent them and spearhead school based student led climate education initiatives.

“Am very happy to be one of the fellows and I will use this opportunity to ensure that our school and i benefit from this initiative” said Muganzi Micheal one of the fellows from St Peters SS Nsambya.

The EAGEF is a project by myclimate climate education that will this year run in a total of five schools where five students will be chosen to learn about green entrepreneurship and green jobs from local green businesses as a wider campaign of climate education.

With unemployment rate of more than 80% in young people below 30 years, Uganda also face the harsh reality of having one of the world’s youngest population of 73% between the ages of 15-24 years. Therefore the EAGEF is designed not only to create awareness on climate change but also to show the advantages that accrue from fighting GHG emissions.

Besides leading their respective schools in the climate friendly contest, the fellows are charged with holding a school based event where they shall demonstrate student-led climate leadership.

The orientation in the coming weeks shall continue in the rest of the schools. These include Mbogo Mixed SS, Mbogo Girls SS and Kibuli SS. Photos and videos from the visits can be found on our facebook page on Watch this space.