By Silvia Nashipae, Kenya


There was a land, beneath the hills,
So rich and bushy green;
Where pines would dance
And cypress sang
So perfect and serene.

For those who lived upon this plain
Each day there was a feast;
For young and old and all alike,
Was plenty tables lain.

Days, months, then years went by
And people just forgot;
To care for our dear nature gold-
So she began to die.

The forest tunes
Became a clutter
Food was scarce
Then they all asked:
“What could be the matter?”

Today I live right in this shell,
I hope the past to restore
But this alone I cannot do;
I need your help and more.

If a tree I plant
And the sun you use
To cook and even light:
The day is soon
When beauty’s back
-Much to our delight!

~Sylvia N. Mosiany~

5 Gedanken zu “RESTORE

  1. Hi Sylvia.
    This really is a very nice poem, and very true and sad. We are trying to help you to restore this paradise of the past by doing our
    own part. We wrote an audiobook for myclimate about that matter you described, and hopefully it will published on this website. It is not fully the same and maybe a bit more fatalistic and also fantastic. Yet we want to make people think about what they’re doing, and what they’re doing to our one and single world.
    If we don’t change our way of living and taking influence on our environment, the only possible end on long-term can be what is predicted for december this year.
    But we’re positive that, with the help and support of as many sensible people as possible, we can change our future and save our valuable earth.

    Many greetings from Switzerland
    Alexandra, Daniel and Rebekka

    • Hello Rebekka, Daniel and Alexandra,
      thanks a lot for your comments and support in this. I think the Audiobook is a wonderful thing! I cannot wait to hear it. As you have said, we need to urgently return our environment to the glory it was in .This way we can enjoy our lives and even secure our future generation. Our time is now to stand up and be counted as the people who are dedicated and ready to fight for Nature.
      Best wishes from Nakuru, Kenya!

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