Kenyan Waste-to-Design Projects on Thomson-Reuters Sustainability

In Kenya, a group of secondary and high schools works continously on sustainable design products out of waste (which is not waste at all, actually). They reduce emissions from landfills and waste fires and contribute to a greener environment in Nakuru. Their projects are published on our new project overview page – and recieve acknowledgement on Thomson Reuters Sustainability and at the Hot Stuff Day on sustainable design in Switzerland.


„Waste being a resource that has not been recycled back successfully into the market places or the environment. In Kenya, waste management is a great challenge and this has resulted to illegal dumpsites. It is sad that even the Legal dumpsites are poorly managed and that as waste arrives in the dumpsite as unsorted. This has made sorting a tedious process. As I go to school, I pass through Njoro market where waste is also not well managed. The government and all stakeholders including the surrounding communities should be involved in ensuring that the environment is clean.“

This is what Vivian Asero, student at Njoro Girls High School, says about the challenge of waste treatment in Kenya. Other schools like Murunyu High School are very active, too.

New project overview on Hot Stuff website

Their newest projects are regularily published at the newly organized project page of our Hot Stuff Climate Net Website. For example, did you know how to make a necklace out of used paper?

Thomson-Reuters Cooperation and Hot Stuff Day on sustainable design

The Njoro project has been re-published at Thomson Reuters Sustainability under the new topic “youth perspective”. Hot Stuff Climate Net collaborates with the sustainability site of the global news provider through regular contributions from our wide and locally attached network.

Some of the products will be displayed at the Hot Stuff Day on sustainable design taking place in Zurich (Switzerland) on May 22nd, 2013.

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