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Future City


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School: Kampala
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Project Description:

We tried with a group of students to envisage the kind of city we would love to live in. We decided to brain storm the idea where we came up with a city plan made of broken glass in different colours.

Kampala is a very small town compared to most cities of the world. We assumed we had been tasked to plan and build a future cosmopolitan city that would be as big as cities in the western world. This was to be hypothetical so we brainstormed what we wanted to have in our city.

We tasked someone with an artistic background to sketch up so that we come up essentially with green zones and belts, solar power generators, urban residences and social infrastructure and light industries. Colors, green, white, brown and blue respectively were used to depict the above features.

Ultimately the modern environmentally friendly city that we worked on came out as seen in the picture.