Realistic Goals: Rio+20

When world governments, leaders, and representatives of crucial stakeholders met in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992, they were thinking of the future. They were hoping that the next generation would enjoy the benefits of a sustainable world. I was born in Sub-Saharan Africa two days after that conference but today, twenty years later, there is little indication that that Earth Summit had much impact. The bulk of energy consumed today in the continent is unfortunately still fossil fuel; water management is not practiced while agriculture is poorly done. That mentioned the prospective for decent jobs that are environmentally acceptable is on a low.

This year’s follow up of the maiden UN Conference on Sustainable Development ought to focus on practical solutions should there be hope for a positive difference. For instance, delegates should seek to empower impoverished states, especially in Africa, towards adapting green solutions. This would help zero in on achieving an economy that would eradicate paucity. Construction of an institutional framework would be crucial in achieving this target. I seek to observe the outcome of Rio+20 resolutions, so hopefully, in 2032, at Rio+40, the next progeny shall be writing a different story.

By Sylvia Nashipae Mosiany,

Nakuru, Kenya.