Morogoro, Tanzania: Students plan climate actions

In Morogoro, Tanzania students of various schools collected ideas and made plans to realize climate projects in and around their schools. This is the summary of the ideas of the Mwembesongo, Mgulasi and Kayenzi schools students.


  1. Energy Saving Campaign.

In classroom discussion students said since Climate change is caused as result of emissions of greenhouse gases from industries, cars, motor bike and the use of energy in unsustainable way. They would like to start energy saving campaign by promoting the use of solar for lighting in during their studies at home as well as the use efficient electrical appliance in school such as socket, bulb, fridge and other equipments. By using Solar and energy efficient electrical appliance they can be able to reduce amount of CO2 which come from kerosene lumps as well as from inefficient electrical devices. Students in Mwembesongo also proposed to fundraising money from the environmental clubs members, teachers and parents so as to get enough money which would help them to purchase PVs and many students from school who had no access to electricity to use PVs instead of kerosene lumps for writing and reading during the night.

  1. Environmental education

Provide education to the public about the importance of Energy saving and the   use of Solar

  1. Provide education through media

Students in Mwembesongo want to use media like television channels to talk about climate change. In this program students proposed to use youth television programs where they will conduct debates on effects of climate change with their colleagues from other schools. Proposed television channel include TBC1, ITV, and Channel 5.

  1. Climate change debate competition among participating schools

Students in Mbezi also proposed the introduction of climate change debate competition among participating schools where students will be debating on various Climate change topics prepared by TAYEN. At the end of these debates the winning students and school will awarded certificates and certain prize.



Students in MGULASI proposed the following as an action towards realization of climate protection project and activities that will increase awareness about climate change problem in Tanzania

  1. Launching the new  Bicycle Club  

Students in Mgulasi proposed to launch the bicycle club in schools which will promote the use of bike for all students and teachers in the way to school as well into small distance. The bikes will help reduce the amount of carbon footprint results from cars.

  1. Tree plating

Tree planting around the school areas that have been severely degraded due to extensive soil erosion.  They also proposed to plant trees in their family farmers as demonstration to students about importance of planting trees in capturing CO2.



Students in Kayenzi secondary school would like to do the following as realization climate change protection project;

  • They would like to invite their partner classes to Tanzania to come and join them for awareness creation campaign about the effects of climate change. In this program students in Kayenzi would like to host a music Concept where climate change songs and sport events like bikes ride competition will be shown as a way to inform the public about climate change.
  • Again as their fellows Mwembesongo, students with Kayenzi would also like to do Bike ride demonstration in streets of Morogoro to show the public about the alternative transport that is friendly to the environmental and has health benefits.
  • Kayenzi students also proposed to host and conduct Eco-tourism programs    within Morogoro National parks such as Mikumi and Udzungwa National parks to provide awareness on the impact of climate change to biodiversity conservation in the parks as well as to fund rise money to help their fellow students in energy saving campaign.  Also this will give them an opportunity to share the knowledge they have acquired in Hot Stuff climate Net project to other students in schools that are not involved in the project.
  • Production of climate change commercials that are educating to be shown in public and national television channels showing causes, impacts of climate change and what has to be done to tackle climate change also has been proposed by Kayenzi students as a way towards realization of Climate protection project.